Carolyn J Dilgard
CEO, Galaxy Hound, LLC

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As president and CEO of Galaxy Hound, Ms. Dilgard brings years of experience in Board Development, Executive Branch policies and decisions and the creation of programs that enhance lives. Together with her background in film, video, communications, sales and marketing, these skills provide a platform for a successful future for this unique online store.

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"I can't care what the world thinks. I can only care what God thinks" ~ Carolyn Dilgard


Galaxy Hound

Marketing & Events

  • Verizon Fios Marketing, Managing Director for subsidiaries
  • Montana Music Festival, promoter/producer
  • Zoe Life Festival Video Producer
Film & TV Experience

  • Sports TV Show airing on ABC and the Discovery Channel, creator/producer
  • F.L.I.C.K. (Filmmakers Locally Involved In Community Kindness) was founded to provide film & video promotions and documentaries for non profit organizations, founder/producer
  • Cameras Not Guns, a program to mentor at risk youth in film & video production, creator
  • TV performances in dance, CBS Television Network, specials including the Dean Maritn Show, Milton Berle Show, Jimmy Durante Show, and Tom Hansen Dancers on Red Skelton TV Series
  • Training, San Francisco Ballet Company
Executive History

  • President of the Board, S.O.S. Sisters Offering Support, a non profit corporation dedicated to educating youth how to avoid the pitfalls and dangers of being kidnapped or coerced into the commercial sexual exploitation trade, a multi-billion dollar industry. The organization also assisted survivors of the sex trade
  • Executive Producer/Director of many TV & film projects both non profit and for profit