Carolyn J Dilgard

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Carolyn J Dilgard Bio

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This bio is an effort to let people know who I am and where I come from

Please see the following two newspaper articles for more information:

("Making Videos a Boon for Community"  

("Communities Get Assist From F.L.I.C.K.")

As a 75 year old grandmother, I understand that many people consider video games to be less than an optimal activity in life for their youngster. It took a life changing event in my own life to realize the benefit that online games and their communities can provide.

Galaxy Hound began as a way of raising funds for our founding youth who had a gift and a talent for sales and marketing. The original plan was to use the store as a way of providing funds so that this young man could enroll in online marketing courses for his future. As a young streamer and gamer, at the age of 13 he was constantly exploring the creation of online stores. I met him in one of the streaming communities in which I participated. At the time, I was comfortably retired but he was searching for answers to some very perplexing questions.

In an effort to mentor and provide an outlet for this young man's God given talents, Galaxy Hound was born.

I have been an entrepreneur since I was eight years old when I began a housecleaning business by convincing our next door neighbor to let me clean their bathrooms once a week. I definitely started at the bottom! Each week, I earned enough money to ride a bus downtown and take to take my ballet class. These days, an eight year old could never get on a bus by themselves and go downtown. My how times have changed!

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